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Le Relais du Ried

Gourmet regional cuisine

Our restaurant is a place for conviviality and exchange where you can relax with your partner or with your family while you enjoy our succulent meats, our house foie gras and our local gastronomic specialities. The chef Loïc BAULINET selects the freshest products from the local producers. An exquisite Alsatian and Navarrese wine menu will delight your palate and will perfectly accompany all the delicious dishes.

The restaurant is open every evening.

Our menu

  • Cream slice of homemade duck foie gras and gingerbread – €15.00
  • Duck foie gras with plum compote and diced green apples – €15.00
  • Marriage between Land (homemade duck foie gras, smoked duck) and See (scallop and crawfishes), leek fondue with salad shoots – €15.00
  • Puff pastry filled with scallop and duck foie gras, leek fondue, served with salad shoots – €15.00
  • 6 Snails “à l’Alsacienne” – €11.00
  • Crusty pastry filled with Munster cheese and onion confit served with salad shoots – €11.00
  • Poached egg on its bed of peas and lemon balm broth, strands of crunchy duck breast and Parmesan cheese – €11.00
    • You can also buy the foie gras to take away (100 grs. for 12€, 200 grs. for 24€ or more if you wish).

  • Beef tenderloin with fried Duck foie gras and potato pancakes, gingerbread sauce and seasonal vegetables (+9,50€)
  • Beef tenderloin with pepper sauce, potatoes “amandine” and seasonal vegetables (+4,50€)
  • Grilled Rib steak with salt of “Guérande” or with Pinot Noir and shallot sauce, Alsatian noodles with cottage cheese and vegetables
  • Veal fillet with Munster cheese and smoked ham, mushroom sauce with its 2 purées
  • Loin of veal with mushrooms, Foie gras sauce, crunchy polenta and vegetables
  • Duck breast with gingerbread sauce and fried cherry plums, noodles with cottage cheese and red cabbage with apples
  • Beef Carpaccio, shaves parmesan, basil oil, chips and salad (2 plates)
  • Chicken Supreme with Jamaïca spices, foie gras sauce and 2 purée
  • Chicken Supreme with Jamaïca spices, foie gras sauce and 2 purée
    • All our accompaniments are with fresh vegetables of the market. Husser from the village of Muntzenheim being 2 km from the hotel. So we contribute to our way of limiting our carbon footprint on the environment.

  • En papillote Salmon in tagliatelli of vegetables and herbs oil, crunchy Polenta
  • Back of wild cod fished, emulsion in lemon and its vegetables
  • Pikeperch filet in corolla with red cabbages and apples, cooked in Pinot noir, Alsatian noodles with cottage cheese
  • Alsatian sauerkraut with a selection of 6 salted and smoked types of meat, steamed potatoes
  • Potatoes and onions with three different types of meat marinated in white wine and traditionally baked in an earthenware pot in the oven
  • Braised knuckle of pork with Sauerkraut and steamed potatoes
  • Braised knuckle of pork grated with Munster cheese and with sauerkraut and steamed potatoes
  • Nature (cream, bacon strips, onions) – €10.90
  • Gratiné – €11.50
  • with fresh mushrooms – €11.50
  • with Munster cheese – €11.50
    • We recommend that you accompany your tarte flambée with a baby-lettuce salad (4€)

  • Soft white cheese garnished with herbs and served with sauté potatoes and Munster cheese
  • Grated Potato pancakes and green salad
  • Grated Potato pancakes made with Munster cheese and a green salad (+1,50€)
  • Minced veal and noodles
  • or
  • Homemade Hamburger and French fries
  • or
  • Nuggets and French fries
  • Scoop of ice cream of your choice
    • Our meats come from Germany, Austria or France

  • Munster cheese singed with marc of gewurtz
  • Three different sorts of cheese from the region
  • Two different mousse: chocolate and églantines
  • Three different crème brulée
  • Tiramisu with plum compote
  • French Toast with flambé cherry plums and vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate fondant with pears sorbet
  • Profiteroles with vanilla, banana and caramel ice cream topped with hot chocolate and whipped cream
  • The gourmet coffee or tea (+1,-€)
  • The black forest
  • The torchin chestnuts
  • Irish Coffee – whisky, espresso, Chantilly (€2 supplement )
  • 1 Scoop – €2.10
  • 2 Scoops – €4.20
  • 3 Scoops – €5.40
  • Café arabica de Colombie, Caramel Fleur de Sel, Chocolat au lait avec morceaux croquant de chocolat, Vanille de Madagascar, Yaourt, Poire, Citron, Banane, Pamplemousse, Questche (prune d’Alsace), Mirabelle
  • Supplement
  • Homemade Chantilly – €0.50
  • Homemade hot chocolate: €0.50
  • Alcohol: €2.50
    • All of our desserts are homemade

  • Espresso – 2.00
  • Petit Crème, Grand Noir – 2.30
  • Café au Lait – 2.50
  • Latte Machiatto, Cappuccino – 2.80
  • Tea, Tisane – 2.50
  • Eau de Vie (Fleur de Bière – Mirabelle – Kirsch – Framboise – Marc de Gewurztraminer) – 5.10
  • Liqueur aux Herbes (Jägermeister), Grand Marnier, Calvados – 5.10
  • Whisky, Armagnac, Cognac, Vodka, Gin, Rhum blanc, Tequila – 5.10
  • Amaretto (alcool d’amandes amères), Malibu, Bailey’s – 4.90
  • Eau-de-vie de Fleur de Bière 75 cl à emporter chez vous – 19.00

Price VAT included. All additional orders will be charged.

A jug of water and a basket of bread are served at each table.